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The Long and Twisty Road to Becoming an Author

Updated: May 26, 2019

In case you still haven’t heard, my YA romance book The Boyfriend App is getting published. Yay!

It’s a real big deal because my publishing house, Anvil Publishing, Inc., is the biggest trade book publisher in my country. And its mother company, National Book Store, is the biggest bookstore chain with over 200 outlets all over the Philippines. Gasp!

If you look at the shape of my country on the map, you’ll realize how nationwide distribution is no mean feat in a nation of 7, 641 islands.

Seventide [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

The Boyfriend App will also be released under a mint-fresh imprint called Bliss Books, which is the baby of an historic partnership between Anvil Publishing and Wattpad.

I've met so many cool people from the publishing, writing and Wattpad management side.

4 Anvil Publishing staff and 1 vampire. The door to the right is the coveted Door to Publishing (literally)

These are some of the best Wattpad writers in my country. I'm a lightweight compared to these guys

From L to R: Head of WP Asia, WP Founder, and me!

The Boyfriend App will be hitting bookstores very, very soon so watch out for it and grab your copy! If you’re familiar with the e-book and Wattpad version of the tale, the print book contains 6 never-before-read chapters plus one very juicy morsel that explains what really happened to Ecto.

For fans of The Boyfriend App who live outside the Philippines, don’t fret because Anvil Publishing, Inc. can ship to certain territories. But you have to understand that it might take longer and cost more because Anvil is still a local publisher. Tune in to this website if you’re outside the Philippines and you’re interested in getting a copy shipped to your place.

Also stay tuned for my next post chronicling the journey of The Boyfriend App from conception to publication. I hope you learn a thing or two from my experience.

Stay Phenomenal!


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