Hi! Welcome to my raven. Yes, you heard that right. This is my raven. Or at least it is if you listen to the Mad Hatter in Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures inWonderland.


But since you neither resemble Alice nor look lost, I'll simply call this my writing desk. Go ahead and look over my shoulder to see what I've been up to. You can also offer some friendly comments because there's nothing I enjoy more than hearing from readers.


Without further ado, I present to you...

3 Earths

GENRE: Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Dystopian 


When Earth ended, three worlds began.

As far back as anyone can remember, humanity has been divided into three different breeds: Empyreans, Tritonians, and Terrans. The first are the epitome of wisdom; aloft on their floating fortress, they are the keepers of light, last living legacies of a once great species. The second are water-breathers who prefer a life of neutrality and isolation, sunk in the depths of their underwater kingdom. The third have been cast away to a cold and dark life on the blighted earth, shunning the light to dwell underground.

Into these three worlds, Riktor, Alaric, and Aerie are born. Twin brothers, two lovers, and one woman whose heart is torn between them. 

But a war is brewing among the three nations. To tip the scales, a new source of power rises after lying dormant for decades. Within our heroes’ own genetic makeup, legends have been written and destinies are waiting to be fulfilled.

The Boyfriend App


GENRE: YA Contemporary Romance


Weeks before Valentine’s, seventeen-year-old Kate Lapuz goes through her first ever breakup, but soon she stumbles upon a mysterious new app called My Dream Boyfriend, an AI chatbot that has the ability to understand human feelings. Casually, she participates in the app’s trial run but finds herself immersed in the empathic conversations with her customizable virtual boyfriend, Ecto. 

In a society both connected and alienated by technology, Kate suspects an actual secret admirer is behind Ecto. Could it be the work of the techie student council president Dion or has Kate really found her soulmate in bits of computer code? She decides to get to the bottom of the cutting-edge app. Her search for Ecto’s real identity leads Kate to prom, where absolute knowledge comes with a very steep price.        

Fantasy Ebooks Twice Upon a Time
Zombie Arc

GENRE: Sci-fi/ Time travel/ Adventure/ Fantasy 


From Zero to Hero 


History is thrown into absolute chaos when pioneering kidnap-for-ransom terrorist Ukhuna Khan gets hold of a time machine from the future. There's a pterodactyl with flame throwers, Vikings, Aztec priests, droids, and all sorts of temporally displaced characters.

Bored out of his mind with the safe zombie life, Arc is about to be swept up on an epic quest the likes of which the Multiverse has never seen. Tasked with the Herculean mission to save human existence, he is aided by a lovely but scarred witch and her cybernetically enhanced cat. 

In a bygone world caught in the war between magic and modernity, nothing and no one is as they seem. Can Arc restore the fabric of the space-time continuum before the damage becomes irreparable?

Atropos In Love


GENRE: Supernatural, Gothic, Occult 

Love grows even in the strangest places.


When Nate Esposito dies in a diving accident, he realizes he isn’t ready to leave everything behind, including his girlfriend and soulmate Samantha. He falls into an underworld prison where the only way out is through an eccentric reaper named Septimus Rex. As head reaper, Septimus leads an army of supernatural Crows tasked with the cold deportation of overstaying spirits from the human realm.


The fates smile on Nate because the head reaper has problems of his own. He has fallen in love with a mortal girl; an abhorrent sign of weakness that, if discovered by the Crows, will start a power struggle in hell. With Nate’s help, Septimus must now attempt to confess his feelings to the girl of his dreams so he can go back to being devoid of human sentiment.


Nate is reincarnated as a kitsune reaper and hatches an escape plan to the surface world. But he finds that things in the underworld are not what they seem and Septimus’ problems run deeper, somehow even linked to Nate’s own mysterious past.  


"Atropos In Love" offers a fresh view of a taboo. It shows a human side to Death and proves that love defies time. It’s both a love story and a fantasy, with elements of human drama. It combines all the ingredients of an enduring story: noble love, loyal friendship, and hope against all logic.



Fantasy Ebooks Reapers & Crows
Elemental Ninjas


GENRE: Adventure, Action, Fantasy


Born into warring clans, wind ninja Sakura and fire ninja Temujin walk paths that couldn't be farther apart. But their separate worlds are thrown into chaos by the theft of Belshazzar's Scroll, an ancient relic that grants its possessor the divine right to rule over all the clans. To bring back peace to their lands, they must learn to fight together against a new breed of mystical half-human, half-demon warriors.

As though proof that a blade of love can grow even in the harshest places, Temujin can’t help falling for Sakura. A ninja from the ice clan, Sasha, becomes his rival and seems to be a more suitable match for the beautiful wind ninja. Now, Sakura, Temujin, and Sasha stand in the heart of a conflict that shall decide the future of all the ninja clans.

King of Quarantine 


GENRE: Sci-fi, Dystopian



(This story was inspired by the events surrounding COVID-19.) 

On alternate-history Earth, society is divided into two groups. 

The Synths a.k.a. the "Angels": lifelike androids with human consciousness; beautiful, rational and benevolent. 

The Skins: ordinary humans who, either by choice or by necessity, don't have artificial bodies.  

In this different yet all too familiar world, human connection is rapidly diminishing. The invasion of a mysterious new virus will change everything and everyone.  


Animus  Book I: BETA 


GENRE: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy



Omni Systems, the world's largest tech company, has discovered a way to combine lucid dreaming with the experience of accessing the Internet. They select five teenagers from across the globe to take part in the trial run of the revolutionary technology, Nethernet.


A backpacker, a professional gamer, a veterinary student, a fitness instructor, and a brittle bone disease survivor; these five individuals must learn to master their fears and harness their inner strengths, which take the guise of guardian spirits called "Animus". Dubbed the Nethernauts, they will journey through the highly unpredictable environment of their collective dream to meet a mystical character known only as Atom, the God of Creation.


Along the way, they'll encounter unicorns, dragons, orcs, goblins and a host of other fantastic beings. With each monster battle they face, they earn XP, stats and equipment, becoming powerful and hardened survivors.   

My Dangerous Girl


GENRE: Contemporary / New Adult Romance


Meet my girlfriend Amy: cute, demure and slightly amnesiac.

Meet my girlfriend Mia: hot, aggressive and short-tempered.

Now, before you cyberbully me for being a player…

Meet my REAL girlfriend Amelia. She’s the girl of mystery who popped up as an exchange student in my university. She’s got state-of-the-art gadgets and a severe case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. That’s right. Amelia is sometimes Amy and sometimes Mia.

What’s the trigger between these two personalities?

A kiss.