Mon D Rea


Short Bio: Mon D Rea has an extremely active imagination that forces him to write about ninjas, zombies and superpowered individuals.

Medium Bio: Mon D Rea writes fantasies populated by ninjas, zombies and superpowered individuals. A big fan of movies, he agrees that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, but fiction is always way more entertaining.

Long Bio: Mon D Rea – who laps up all the superhero movies that Hollywood keeps feeding him – creates his own fantasy worlds. Armed with a degree in Creative Writing, he battles dragons, flies spaceships, rubs elbows with ninjas and befriends zombies. Oddly enough, he’s a language teacher by profession and a grammar Nazi to his real-life friends. His pen name is pretty close to his real name but it’s also an anagram of “Dream On.” He lives in the sunshiny islands of the Philippines, where he believes people can still do with more imagination in their lives.       

Interview Topics 


  • Ninjas, Zombies and Other Pop Genres  


  • Fantasy vs. Realism


  • Dream On: What Phenomenal Pen Really Stands For


  • Being an Indie Author in Asia


  • Current and Future Publishing Trends

Suggested Interview Questions for Mon D Rea, Author of Elemental Ninjas

1. In the United States, ninjas first became popular in the early 1980's thanks largely to films of that time. What do you think make ninjas a lasting theme in various entertainment media, from cartoons to action figures to memes? 

2. Is most of the information we get about ninjas part of history or just a figment of the imagination?


3. Ninjas are basically a Japanese invention, why did you choose to write about them rather than more local themes?


4. I don’t mean to nitpick but what is, in fact, the correct term? Is it “ninja” for the plural or “ninjas?”


5. Ninjas combined with the four classical elements, what are you trying to achieve here?


6. In your book, there are actually more than one type of ninja and they’re clad in different colors, not only black. Is this the fantasy aspect of the series coming in? How does it affect the bit of authenticity that you’re also going for? 


7. What sort of preparation or training, if any, did you take to write a book like Elemental Ninjas?


8. Do you think ninjas are still relevant in this day and age?


9. What do you think would happen if more people started believing in ninjas? 


10. Where do you see the world of Elemental Ninjas going 5 years from now?