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Booknet is a wonderful new platform for reading and writing stories online. There are many engaging stories in various genres. You can sign up either as a reader or as a writer. Go ahead and use my affiliate links below. Once you're a member, just send me a message on Booknet so I can guide you if you have any questions.  

As a Writer

Booknet is one of the best online publishing platforms right now. They have a clear system and you can find success as a writer much, much faster than on other platforms. I'm taking it slow over there but I know some of the best writers earn between $1K and $1.5K a month. If you're a writer and you write in English, Booknet is a great choice for you.   

As a Reader

Do you like reading? Booknet has more diversity in the genres of stories than other reading platforms. My LitRPG tale "SKYE is the Limit" is very welcome there and I was happy to hear that they also accept poetry. I've experienced various platforms but diverse genres is quite rare.    

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